Soulrend in it's Unholy form.


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Soulrend is Jhulia's weapon of choice, imbued with the ability to change shape as she changes her Presence.


Soulrend appears to be made from a bone white material, with a sickly green at the centre. An aura of red surrounds it, causing it to drip an unending supply of blood. Due to the shape, being impaled by Soulrend is going to hurt like hell.


In this form, Soulrend takes on a far more vicious appearance. The blade's edge becomes jagged, spikes protruding off the edges of the "spine", which takes on a blood red colour, while the actual cutting edge is a dull brown-ish colour. Getting impaled by Soulrend like this is impossible without a crap ton of force behind it.