Guardian Kamina

So, you want to see the ranks with some form of description? Here you go then. As taken from the guild forums.


You've been initiated into our guild and now we're going through a short back ground check. We'll get back to you shortly regarding the matter of official entrance, and you'll be expected to attend at least one gathering before the matter so we can toast you into the guild and invite you properly into our fold.


You have come into the guild, and even though there's an 'under' in your rank, you're as valuable as any other member but you're going to need to work your way up to the next rank by working as hard as possible and taking upon as any missions as you possibly can with your skillset. Of course, you can rank up even faster by accompanying the members of our fine Guardian Ops into dangerous territories and assignments!


You've been working hard, and now you may begin relaxing a little but not before taking up that job in the early hours of the morning. Something needs to keep your pockets full of that rattling gold. Keep working, keep abiding by the rules and don't ever lose faith in your abilities! You'll go far.


We hold various trials throughout the year for those of you wishing to advance into the highest possible member rank available, giving you permission to lead groups into more 'dangerous' and threatening missions, those of you who hold this rank will be given the responsibility of forming teams, leading members and taking on dangerous assignments that could even mean certain death but of course the pay is a lot more resolved.