Jhulia atop her Proto Drake.


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Jhulia Darkheart is a Second Generation Death Knight who's only directive is to serve who commands her and to kill in his/her name. While Haru is the Guild Master, she prioritizes Andra's commands.


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Before the CullingEdit

In life, she was a hunter that used to live near what is now the Plaguewood outside of Stratholme. She was quite accomplished in her chosen path, due to her family being mere farmers. Her taste for adventure is what brought her to finding a near-drowned rhino from Northrend along the shores of Tirisfal. She nursed it back to health, creating a close bond with the estranged creature. It was then on the fateful day that the grain shipment from Andorhal took it's affect on the citizens of Stratholme. The only real reason she didn't turn as well is because her now elderly parents had insisted that they take the best of their produce due to the rumors they had heard.

The Culling of StratholmeEdit

The Silver Hand disbanded due to Uther's "treachery", she was one of those that were called upon to aid with the Culling alongside Arthas. It was there she met who she believed to be the love of her life, Roddrick. However, he had other plans. Due to being a part of the Arthas' army, he was to head to Northrend in pursuit of Mal'Ganis. As she started to mourn this loss in her heart, she decided to go as well. Jhulia realised that her dear friend would cause her to be instantly recognised, so she left her rhino behind, never to know what happened to her beloved companion.

Northrend and the ScourgeEdit

It was after Mal'Ganis was defeated Jhulia came to the realisation that she should of listened to Roddrick, and not to come to Northrend. With Arthas' soul having been claimed by Frostmourne, he slew all of his followers, Falric being the first. Followed by Thassarian. It was then they were all made into his Undead servants, forced to help commit his attrocities. It was after Kel'Thuzad brought Archimonde to Azeroth she truely felt inhuman, beyond redemption. When Arthas began losing his power due to Illidan's attempt to destroy the Frozen Throne, she was not one of those that he lost control of. Jhulia helped Arthas flee the city he was left in, Bloodfeast being a major pain in the endeavour. That would be the last she would see of Arthas until the Scarlet Apocalypse.

The Scarlet ApocalypseEdit

She was to remain in Naxxramas when it arrived to the Plaguelands, to remain inside the Death Knight wing until Acherus arrived. Jhulia was relocated to help pack an extra punch as the initiates may not be able to overcome the Scarlets as quickly as the Lich King desired. It was this that lead to his will over her being broken at Light's Hope with the Knights of the Ebon Blade. However, she would not follow Mograine, for he was but a Third Generation with the others of Acherus. Not seeing him fit to rule over her, Jhulia took to Northrend, favouring the armor of the Ebon Blade as she felt it made her appear weaker to the creatures of Northrend.

Returning to CivilizationEdit

Later, she would return to Stormwind, before the Shattering. Suprise and emotion filled her when she found Roddrick as still soemwhat alive, as the others of the Expedition were, a Death Knight. However, he did not feel the same way. The only thing he felt was a sadness that Jhulia had disobeyed his wish to try and fill the longing in her once beating heart. It was his rejection of her that finally pushed her into her fully emotionless self, when she then returned to Northrend until after the Shattering.



Jhulia prefers to wear the armor of the Knights of the Ebon Blade.


Though it may appear she uses several weapons, Soulrend is the only one she uses.