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At first glance, you'll notice that Haru appears rather alluring, his prized golden mane beckoning stray views while his optical fixation of glittering green can attract even the most deadliest foe. Right off the bat, you'll notice his somewhat flamboyant facial expression, well mixed with a way of wording that'd describe him best. Haru can be best described as the charming pretty boy, though not without a heavy muscular build to back up his commanding role as a paladin out on the battlefield or while doing his best to protect his comrades from the various forces and antagonists out to harm them.

Often enough, he'll be wearing a typical set of heavy plate armor, darkened and well toned unlike your usual fellow, allowing him to maintain a demanding presence in the battle, the last thing being seen by a stricken undead the blood splatter marking his golden brown chest plate. Atop his head, he'll be wearing some form of protection be it a head band or otherwise.

Haru also has a scar on the side of his left cheek, two crescent moons facing opposite with a small black dot in the middle between them, blackened, burned into his skin.