General InformationEdit

Name: Chernov Blasthiemer Age: Two Hundred and Three. Race: Gnome Speciality: Engineering Entreprenneurial / 'Subtley' Class: Rogue Profession: Engineer / Miner


Chernov was raised like many of his fellow Gnomes; at birth his failure to recieve enough Oxygen is largley blamed on the noxious exhaust fumes that were being pumped through the city at the time - this attributed to his considerable madness later in life and latter exploits concerned.

"Professor of Logic"Edit

Originally, Chernov protrayed himself as a 'Professor of Logic', all things logical were his domain; unfournatley taking days off to do logical things, such as a eat a balloon were considered unethical by his employers and he was duly dismissed.

The led to Chernov taking a plunge further down the Gnomish social ladder, he began to make use of his heritage and took a more keen intrest in engineering. During his unemployment, Chernov was forced to take many courses by the local Gnomeregan 'Social Service' - such as computing skills. The collective efforts of his clasmates and the rudimentry constructionof a game involving Ghosts, Balls, and a Large Ball with a triangle for a mouth was later blamed by the teahcer in question as 'abuse of contrabrand substances'.


After undergoing varying degrees of councilling following truamatic dreams in which he was chased by Ghosts, Chernov elected himself to escpae unemployment and sought a new career as a Gyrocopter engineer. Throughout his career in this sector of work, Chernov put forth a series of innovative designs that he believed would further the versitality of Gyrocopters; such as scuba-diver feet for the planes themselves. This was later dismissed for the more lucrative option of adding floats to the machine.


It was during this time that Thermaplugg persuaded Mekkatorque to make use of the Irridation bomb in order to subdue on the enroaching Trogg menace lurking throughout Gnomeregan. Chernov was caught in the initial blast of the radiation bomb, and suffered various degrees of brain deformity and paranoia as a result. Believing that his former workmates had infact become a band of sinster arachnids teeming with vicious sub-identities planning his demise he made a hasty escape utilising his Gyrocopter nearby.

Chernov eventually came to question how he ended up in an obscure valley shooting wolves and varrying hot mugs of tea for Dwarves; but, hell, that's history. He's living in a sub-reality anyways.


Inept in many Social Situations, Lack of Modesty, Selfishness, Sociopath, Friendly on occasion, tendency to blabber, unorthodox, ranging levels of intelligence, 'unusual'


Chernov is a average sized Gnome sporting a small potbelly, he boasts a long shaggy hairstyle due to his fear of sccisors, and his large purple / tiger-print hat allows him to further stand out from the crowd. Chernov is aware that tigers' are probably endangered, but he doesn't give a fuck. He mostly dresses in purple clothing, wearing both a Gnomeregan tabard and Overclock. He wears a Gnomeregan Bonechopper on one side, much because he likes the similarity to famed 'Gnomish Sex Toys'/