So You Decided to Add a PageEdit

Congratulations, fellow contributor, you decided to add a page to the website. Something you should know is that each page should have something to do with either the guild or a character of your own in the guild.

New to Making a Wiki Page?Edit

Here's some basic things for you. To create a heading, you surround the text you desire the heading to be in double = signs. Like you would for OOC chat in an IC channel. A subheading is triple =s.

Need a link to a page that exists/will be added later? Use double [square brackets]. Like this: Derp.

Illatics is double 's.

Bold is triple 's.

Bold AND Illatics is five 's.

Do add at least one Category to the page. Like what the page is about (Event, History, Character, Item etc.) If it is about a character, make sure to add race and class to it.

To make a link redirect to a new page you link the desired text, then make a page for it. You then apply this code to the page: #redirect RedirectTarget. For example, Guildmaster has #redirect Haru Dawnrose down as it's page.

HELP! There's no Table of Contents! D':Edit

That's easy to fix. just put "toc" in between two underscores (__) where it's needed.There would be an example, but that would put a Table of Contents here.