Adelas Blackmourn is a veteran member of Guardian, meaning that he was there from the early days of the guild

The Swordsman.

He remains loyal to his Guildmaster, even though he's treated as a scrub, constantly being told to clean toilets and sweep the floors.


Although young of age, Adelas has already grown a mighty facial hair due to countless suggestions from a certain redhaired woman (She knows who she is). Though he isn't exactly fond of it, he has decided to keep it as it compliments his loose ebon hair, hanging as a shroud around his forehead and neck. He is surprisingly strong for his size, proficent enough to fell the mightiest Eredar. Adelas seems enarmored of the colors green and black, often seen wearing at least one of the two.


Born in a family of fishermen in the ordinary village of Goldshire in Elwynn, one would not think Adelas as anything extrodinary. Though, Adelas is anything but boring and casual. When he left his home at the age of fifthteen, the young Blackmourn began to seek the path of the swordsman after attaining his uncle's sword at the same year. He is exceptional with the blade, increasing his reach to deliver strong, precise swing. Many a foe have been surprised by the swiftness of his strikes; once one is delivered, the other follows no longer than a second after.

A dark returnEdit

At the year of 20, he returned to Stormwind, quickly to be found in the darker companies of the city, though he fought against - and eventually defeated - his superiors in the criminal organisation known as Liberi of Nox Noctis. After the fall of their leader, he sought on more righteous paths which lead him to the army battalion; Soldiers of Azeroth. He rapidly adapted their ways and were promoted to Corporal within the month. However, that time didn't last long.

Adelas' path of the righteousEdit

Adelas finally had enough and left the army after extreme lack of discipline under a training in the Swamp of Sorrows. Shortly after he were assigned into Guardian, now a loyal member of the company and desperate to be accepted among the professionals.



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Due to an external magical source in Adelas' right eye socket, placed there by Leoz Zertaciran, Head Mage of Guardian, Adelas is able to preform moves combining lesser magic and his physical cababillity.

"Just-who-the-hell-do-you-think-we-are"-punch: Also known as 'The Guardian Fist'. Adelas charges arcane power into the palm of his hand, clenching it and allowing the magic to spread into his fist. This allows him to strike with massive power and can even be used as an aerial-assault.

Mirror Strike: Adelas creates two mirror images to help him in battle, for example attack his adversary at the same time to confuse him or her.


Being a master of the blade, Adelas has currently two different swords in his arsenal to use in different battles, depending on his opponents attributes.


A valiant blade of the light, Adelas found Aeternum in one of his recent travels to the Western Plaguelands, close to Uther the Lightbringer's tomb. Imbuing it with his powers as a Blade Mage, along with its own magical potencial, Adelas can make the sword transform into a stronger and much swifter blade.


Found in a journey to Blackrock Mountain, Reconditus emits an immense dark power. It is said to have been forge by draconic hands in the depths of the Spire, but if its origins are true is unclear. Adelas, too, has imbued the power of magic into this place, allowing it to change shapes as well.